Why Don’t We Invest In Our Own Mental Health?

When you think about your financial priorities, sadly mental health doesn’t appear at the top of the list. People happily pay out on a regular basis for gym memberships, beauty therapy, weight loss memberships, hair appointments etc. but what about your mental health? Isn’t that just as, if not more important? It seems we don’t feel counselling is important until we are desperate for help.

Counselling keeps you mentally healthy which has a “knock on effect”…  you are able to cope with life in a calm & controlled way, emotions & feelings are easier to deal with, your outlook on life can be improved & there is more chance of a confident an improved view to decision making.

Even though anti-depressants do have their place in mental health, counselling gives you a chance to try & improve your mood without taking medication. Having said that, they do work very well together, talking to your GP will help you decide if you need both.

You don’t need to be in a traumatic state to benefit from therapy as even regular “support” appointments can help you keep on track having a beneficial addition to your everyday life, it’s like regular maintenance. And of course, you have the added knowledge that whatever you discuss will always be confidential & safe in the hands of a therapist… no worries that someone you confided in will accidentally (or sadly, even deliberately) share your thoughts, feelings & actions.

It’s without a doubt, important to keep your mental health at it’s best.


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