What is online counselling and how does it work?

With most of us already using the internet to communicate with people, online counselling is a comfortable way to get the help & guidance you require. Counselling or therapy that you access through your computer using messenger, skype, chat or email has many advantages including helping you to feel confident enough to take that first step.

As conducting a session online avoids travelling, many people find this an excellent way to access the help they need. For some, the idea of not being face to face is less frightening & many clients find using the internet saves time, money & energy.

By agreeing to “meet” at a certain time via the internet, you & your therapist can discuss what you need & expect from counselling & then work together to help you explore your thoughts & feelings, just as you would in a traditional “face to face” appointment. You get the same amount of time, the same qualified & experienced counsellor & the same benefits of “face to face” therapy.

Having some of your home comforts around you is also a nice way to be able to take part in a session. Comments some clients have made – “I didn’t have to get dressed to attend an appointment”, “I felt safe & secure being at home & talking to someone”, “Love that I can do this from my familiar, comfy armchair” & “I felt more at ease having my cat on my lap”.

Whatever helps you to make that first step towards facing your feelings & emotions, has got to be a plus.

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