Embrace your counselling experience

If you are not familiar with counselling, you may be thinking that your therapist will judge you & tell you what you must do or think. This is most definitely not the case.

We are here to support you as you process your thoughts & feelings, no matter what they are. Your therapist will only help you visit areas of your life that you want to look at, they would never push you into areas that you are not ready for or put ideas in your head.

I have had clients that come to see me expecting to be forced to discuss subjects that they really need to build up to. Please don’t put off taking your first steps into counselling with thoughts that this will be anything other than a calm, non-judgemental & safe place to help you find ways to cope with life. Also, remember that if you start to feel it’s all too much, we don’t have to do the full hour….. you can finish the session whenever you like.

Even if you think your problems aren’t severe enough for counselling, we are here to support you through anything & everything. And remember, online counselling means you are safe & comfortable in your own environment.

I hope you will make that first move & contact me, I’m here whenever you need me.


Email: kaye.townsend@btinternet.com

Website: www.emotionalsupportcounselling.com

Facebook page: @emotionalsupportcounselling

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