Allergy Triggers

Allergies can appear with no previous history causing various symptoms including itchy eyes, runny nose, rash, hives, eczema or coughing.

The job of immune system cells is to find foreign substances such as viruses and bacteria and get rid of them. Normally, this response protects us from dangerous diseases.

Knowing your triggers can make life much easier so the list below is worth considering if you have just started to notice the symptoms. I have a friend who can’t even be in the same room as most adhesives or sealants as they bring out a terribly aggressive rash all over her body.

Allergies occur when something touches the skin, enters the body through the nose or mouth or is injected.
It is characterized by an overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance.

This is the allergy most have heard of & often gets the blame for everything. Exposure to tress, grasses & plants & weeds all have the ability to trigger hay fever but this usually seasonal. Hay fever treatments are available over the counter & on prescription usually with good results but you may find closing windows & staying indoors is of benefit when pollen counts are high.

Animal skin & hair
This is one that would upset me as I have a few pets that I love to snuggle up with.
Proteins secreted by the oil glands, pet dander &saliva or urine can cause allergic reactions for some people.
People who have pet allergies have supersensitive immune systems that react to harmless proteins. The symptoms can last for weeks after the last contact with the animal.

Allergens are also produced by mould. The spores can irritate the body’s immune system resulting in the symptoms which vary but include itching, sneezing & scaling skin.

The most common are nuts, shellfish & milk & the reaction of the allergy usually shows within minutes or hours of eating them. Symptoms could appear as asthma, hives or rashes, diarrhoea or even swelling around the mouth & throat. This can become a frightening experience if you then have difficulty breathing. These types of allergies can also become life-threatening in severe cases.

Reactions to medication such as penicillin or aspirin can range from mild to life-threatening with symptoms from hives & rashes to swelling in the mouth or throat. Personally, I have found clonazepam to be an allergy trigger. As with all these allergy triggers, consult a GP or hospital if you feel the reaction is becoming severe.

Other causes could be:
• Latex
• Cockroaches
• Fragrance
• Dust Mites
• Insect Stings
• Chlorine

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