Advantages of Online or Telephone Counselling

Online counselling is a convenient way to avoid waiting lists or waiting for referrals & we now have the freedom to combine traditional counselling into the world of modern technology.

It is still possible to experience and have all the expected benefits of traditional counselling but without having to factor in the pressure of travelling time, babysitters, costs etc. You can also still benefit from your ongoing sessions even when on holiday or away with work.  

Who is it suited to?

Online therapy can work for anyone but is especially ideal for people in the following situations:

  • Maybe you can’t travel due to mobility issues or don’t drive.
  • Perhaps the only time you have is after the children have gone to bed.
  • Maybe you live in a rural area with little or no access to public transport.
  • You can be anywhere in the world. You may live miles away from your chosen therapist or be on a trip or holiday & want to keep the momentum of your appointments.
  • Expats may find it more comfortable speaking to a therapist from their own country.
  • Perhaps you are a carer who would feel distracted or uncomfortable leaving your loved one for long periods of time.
  • You may be a teenager who prefers to use the internet compared to a face to face appointment.
  • Someone with a busy lifestyle, so time is important.


Whatever your circumstances, therapy online could have many plus points that appeal to you including having a wider choice of therapists as the distance isn’t a factor.

If you have a computer or tablet with a webcam/speakers & are able to put aside 1-hour un-disturbed, this could work well for you, although potential problems are technology or connection problems like pixelated screens, delays in real time, disconnection. If we are disconnected, I will first try calling you back on Skype but if this is not possible I will call your mobile/landline.

For a free consultation to discuss in more detail, please call

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