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We are all worth the same…

    Here I have 2 £20 notes. The one on the left has been through a shit time, been abused and just a complete mess. The one on the right is straight & crisp, not touched. Answer me this…. is the one on the left worth less than the one on the right??? Moral of the story. Don’t let anyone put you down just because you’ve been through a tough time. We are ALL equal. We are worth the same value. We just have perfect imperfections which make us who we are!

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A Few Tweaks To The Website

I have today changed the header picture to reflect a calmer feel. I think the image is rather beautiful! Also, you can now make payment on the website, just go to the PayPal button & select how many sessions you would like to make a payment for. I have also removed the live feeds connected to the Facebook page & Twitter account as I believe they slow down the loading of the website. You can of course, visit the Twitter account & Facebook page separately.    

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Counselling Sessions At Home

Online counselling is fast becoming an excellent alternative to the traditional face to face appointment. With a wider choice of therapists & with no travelling, many people who otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t start therapy are now able to begin within their own “safe” environment. Because we all have different needs & unique situations, using skype to communicate has numerous benefits. Take a look at the page “Advantages of Online Counselling” to see how a session using skype can help you & your situation. So grab a coffee/glass of wine, log in to skype…snuggle up in your armchair & begin your own personal process. Call me on 07432 128084 or use the contact form to get in touch…. Kaye.

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