So How Does This Online Counselling Stuff Work?

Over the past few days, I have been asked to explain what online counselling involves & how it works. With this in mind, I thought I’d write a quick post to help people who are just enquiring, to decide if online counselling is suitable for them.
Online counselling sessions work via Skype (which is safe & free to download), using a webcam. After making an appointment, I would call you via Skype at the agreed time/date.

Using the webcam, we conduct a therapy session just the same as if you were in a therapy room. Sessions are client led, meaning that we work through only what you feel like discussing that day, no pushing you to look at anything that you are not comfortable with. It’s your time, so you can sit comfortably at home & talk about anything that’s on your mind. Being online means you can keep in touch with me from anywhere…. maybe on holiday, your lunch break at work or sitting in a park.

No travelling is a benefit if you have no transport, small children, mobility problems or just prefer to sit comfortably at home in your pj’s.
I usually recommend 6 weekly sessions to start with & on the 6th session we can discuss whether you would like to continue, take a break or feel happy to leave it there. It’s also fine to have a couple of sessions just to see how you feel… 6 is just a guideline.

You are in control at all times & everything discussed is confidential.
I hope this is helpful… any other questions, just get in touch, Kaye.